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District Dress Code Policy

Students have the responsibility to dress appropriately while on the school grounds during the regular school day.  A student's dress should show respect for self and others and shall not be permitted to disrupt the teaching and learning environment.  Each school board shall adopt a dres scode policy that prohibits a student, while on grounds of a public school during the regualr school day, from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or that disrupts the orderly learning environment.  F.S. 1006.07 (2)(d).  The final determination shall be that of the Principal or their designee.

Students Grades 3-12

Student dress and personal grooming are the responsibility of the student and parent.  In the fianl analysis, the building administrator has the reponsibility to interpret that which negates a resonable standard of conduct and appearance.  For students in grades PK-3, the principal will determine if the circumstances require implementation of these guidelines.  Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts or may distract others from school work shall be subject to the following:

1st offense-Verbal warning, parents called, allowed appropriated time to make required changes and return to class.  (Class time missed will be unexcused.)

2nd offense- Disciplinary action will be taken after required changes are made.  The student is ineligible to participated in any extracurricular activity for a period not to exceed 5 days and the school principal must meet with the student's parent or guardian.

3rd offense-Three days of In School Suspension will be assigned after required changes are made, the student is ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity for a period not to exceed 30 days, and the school principal must call and send a written notice of such to the student's parent of guardian.

All additional infractions will be treated as Insubordination.

Students must comply with the following rules:

  1.  Footwear is required while on school property for reasons of health and safety.
  2.  Shirts must be worn at all times.  Tank tops, see-through materials worn without undershirts, and halter tops shall not be worn to school.
  3.  Shirts must be long enough to cover the stomach and back area completely at all times.  (When hands are fully extended above the head, ect.)
  4.  Spaghetti-strap or strapless shirts or dresses are not permitted.  Sleeveless shirts or dresses for females must be 4 fingers wide at the shoulder. 
  5.  Male students cannot wear sleeveless shirts.
  6.  Female clothing shall not expose any cleavage.
  7.  A student's attire must cover all undergarments. 
  8.  Appropriate shorts and skirts are allowed if they are no more than 5 inches above the kneecap when the student is standing.  This rule applies even if biking shorts, tights or leggings are worn under the shorts or skirts.
  9.  No biking shorts, spandex material, or tight fitting shorts/clothing may be worn.
  10.  Jeans with holes, the holes cna't be any higher than 3 inches above the kneecap when the student is standing.
  11.  Drop pants or shorts (those worm below the waistline or those that display what is or appears to be an undergarment) will not be permitted for any students. 
  12.  Hats, caps, and head scarves are not allowed to be worn in the building, but individual schools may impose more stringent rules with School Board approval.  Pajamas, bedroom slipper, bandanas, kerchief, head stockings, hair rollers, and combs shall not be worn at school.  This attire may be allowed for special occasions with principal approval. 
  13.  Clothing that promotes or endorses vulgar, alcholic, tobacco, sexual, or offensive themes are prohibited.
  14.   Tattoos or body art that promotes or endorses vulgar, alcohol, tobacco, sexual, gang or offensive themes must be covered at all times.
  15.  Any clothing that is or could be interpreted as gang related is prohibited at school.
  16.  Wallet chains, "dog" collars, or other inappropriate chains or jewelry will not be allowed.
  17.   No visible body piercing except earrings will be allowed for students in grades PK-8
  18.  Any other items worn or carried that are deemed inappropriate by the Principal are prohibited.
  19.  Inappropriate items confiscated (tongue rings, nose rings, inappropriate items of clothing, ect.) may be picked up in the office by the parent or legal guardian.